IP Feed

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IP Feed

Delivering constant, high-capacity access to the Internet, IP Feed gives you a permanently connected internet connection for your exclusive use. IP Feed gives you scalability, reliability and flexibility with unlimited internet connectivity at a set bandwidth for a fixed cost per month.

Burstable IP Feed

Burstable bandwidth enables your internet service to flex according to the needs of your business. This gives you the additional bandwidth above and beyond the rate you have committed to, at the times you need it, ensuring that your business can deal with unexpected periods of high activity. Importantly, Sure’s burstable IP feed is always available but you only pay for the additional amounts you use.

Key features

  • Scalability – our solutions scale to meet your business needs
  • Reliability - guaranteed SLA’s and uptime
  • Choice - fixed and variable charging
  • Flexibility - burstable IP feed options
  • Resilience – services are provided over a carrier class network
  • Capacity – a range of connection speeds starting from 512Kb/s

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