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vCloud is Sure's range of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products that give you the benefits of a world-class IT environment without giving you the expense, complexity and responsibility of cloud infrastructure ownership.


Perhaps vCloud’s greatest benefit is its flexibility which enables you to change your cloud infrastructure as and when the business demands.

It doesn’t matter whether your organisation wants short-term compute capacity for specific projects or to remove the cost and burden of managing server infrastructure, Sure’s IaaS solutions give you the ability quickly to turn on the tap to extra capacity and is particularly suitable for production, testing and development, as well as for disaster recovery.

IaaS gives you a powerful and flexible on-demand cloud infrastructure that is:

  • Cost effective
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Resilient and secure
  • ISO 27001-accredited

Pricing Options

Tiered Capacity

Particularly suitable for smaller organisations or companies that may need to expand storage capacity, the Tiered Capacity option enables you to pay in advance for storage at a fixed monthly rate.

There are two Tiered Capacity options:

  • Tiered Capacity 30 - up to 30 daily backups retained for 30 days
  • Tiered Capacity 30/11 - up to 30 daily backups and 11 monthly backups


This gives ultimate flexibility in customised retention and is most suitable for customers that wish to retain data for longer periods. Customers can configure their custom retention profiles and are invoiced monthly, based on total compressed gigabyte storage in use at the end of the month.

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