Offshore security solutions

Resilient cyber threat protection for email and web services, at the network perimeter and throughout the organisation.

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Protect your business

Organisations running cloud services need to protect their systems and people with advanced, easy to manage cyber security and business continuity. From email and web security, archiving and data protection, to awareness training and business continuity - Mimecast’s resilient off-shore services dynamically safeguard against cyberattacks, data loss, human error and technical failure.

Your systems and infrastructure are protected both internally and at the perimeter through an easy to use interface that lowers operating costs and works with all on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. Mimecast services are also modular, so you can benefit from their full range of services or from specific elements of the security portfolio.

About Mimecast

Founded in 2003, Mimecast is a NASDAQ-listed company with over 1,800 employees in 12 global offices that support over 40,000 corporate customers. They make email and web services safe for organisations and employees across the globe. For the fifth year in a row, Mimecast has been recognised as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader.

Mimecast Offshore Email & Web Security

Antivirus and spam filters constantly monitor incoming and outgoing email traffic for malware and security threats. Built-in business continuity will keep you operational, enabling the sending and receiving of emails, even when systems are down. The service detects, alerts and blocks the sending of sensitive content, such as financial data, client lists and personal information.

Mimecast Awareness Training

Email and web services are the entry point for 99% of damaging security breaches. Mimecast’s cloud solutions include an industry ‘best-practice’ programme of security training that reduces human error, the major cause of security issues.

Mimecast Office 365 Security

New email security threats emerge daily, and a single solution won’t catch them all. Office 365 has only a single security layer on a single domain and hybrid Office 365 email deployments may lack the security protection they need. Our dynamic, layered security services will protect your systems and information from the on-going, and ever evolving threats from cyberspace.

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