Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect

Stop the illegal imitation of your brand. Brand impersonation attacks destroy trust and compromise customers and partners. They are extremely hard to detect, and even more difficult to shut down.


It’s very easy for cybercriminals to develop and register domains / web sites that mimic yours. They then use your brand identity to target unsuspecting people who trust it. Attackers will clone and impersonate your website and by attracting people to visit their bogus site through email phishing and fake advertising ads, they steal personal information and data for monetary gain.

These activities happen on unregulated parts of the internet, and well beyond your perimeter. It’s no longer sufficient to protect just what’s yours. Wider monitoring of web-based activity that might be using and compromising your business identity is required. Mimecast BEP stops live brand attacks and can block planned threats before they start.

Through the combined use of machine learning and quadrillions of targeted scans, BEP rapidly identifies brand attack patterns and the misuse of company html coding - blocking activity before it starts. When live attacks are identified, they are remediated quickly to minimise damage.

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