Mimecast Email & Brand Security Solutions

Identify and Stop Current Threats Before They Affect Your Business. Cybersecurity protection for email, web, and systems - ensuring business continuity in the event of an incident.

Mimecast cloud security services provide global leading threat protection and business continuity solutions, safeguarding organisations from cyberattack, human error and technical failure, and unifying the delivery and management of security, business continuity and data protection.

Resilient off-shore solutions protect organisations from external threats at the perimeter and beyond, negating any data loss and business disruption as well as dealing with security issues on the inside. The easy-to-use interface lowers operating costs and works with all on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. Mimecast services are also modular, enabling deployment of the full range of services or specific security elements of the portfolio to suit requirements.

 Our Mimecast Solutions protect organisations …

Inside & At your Perimeter

  • Threat remediation, multi-layered inspection of internal & outbound email.
  • Best in class email security with protection against targeted attacks.
  • Award-winning awareness training.

Outside your Perimeter

  • Protection against web domain spoofing, brand imitation, and email abuse.
  • Rapid identification and remediation of live attacks.

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