DDoS Protected Hosting

Denial of service attacks have plagued network and data centre operations since the early days of the internet – and they’re here to stay.

Cybercrime and denial of service attacks are no longer restricted to major online organisations like gaming and betting sites. Businesses across all sectors, and especially in retail and finance, are increasingly affected as eCommerce continues its exponential growth. The increased complexity and growth in online services demands highly available, high speed internet connectivity and secure uninterrupted access to cloud-based services

What’s the solution?

Sure’s dedicated in-line and dedicated hybrid DDoS mitigation solution provides advanced customer security and protection from cybercrime. Dynamic threat detection enables us to react in milliseconds, blocking and preventing malicious traffic at our network gateways in London and Paris, and ensuring only clean traffic is carried to the Islands.

24/7 Protection

Sure’s Service Operations Centre (SOC) provides dedicated DDoS security management and monitoring of clients’ infrastructure on a 24/7/365 basis. In-house IP engineers, backed by our solution partners, ensure client platform and portal security configurations are always operating to the highest standards, along with DDoS mitigation, traffic profiling, and dynamic real-time security support.

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