DDoS Protected Hosting

Denial of service attacks have plagued network and data centre operations since the early days of the internet – and they’re here to stay.

They’re no longer a problem solely for major online organisations or gaming and betting sites. A wide range of companies from retail to finance sectors increasingly depend on web-based transactions. Additionally, attackers require less specialised skills, meaning any user with ‘hacktivist’ motives can launch an attack.

What’s the solution?

To maximise the protection and security that our clients and networks need, we use a combination of a Sure owned dedicated on-net Arbor TMS systems, connected into a specialist partners above network Arbor TMS cloud system.

24/7 Protection

The entire Sure DDoS platform, on-net and above-net, is managed by a team year-round 24/7. It’s located at a dedicated Service Operations Centre (SOC) which monitors and supports Sure’s on-net Arbor TMS systems and above net Arbor TMS systems. Staff are available whenever they’re needed, to support all our DDoS customers and to ensure that any DDoS mitigation, traffic profiling, DDoS platform and portal configurations are performed to the highest possible security standard.

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